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These nine words are more than just a campaign slogan, they define our business philosophy.

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Serving our customers starts on day one as part of our on-boarding process – we listen, understand, and respond to our customers’ needs. Ultimately we are here to make the process of registering an aircraft as quick and easy as possible for our customers, while maintaining the highest standards of regulations, professional service and courtesy..



An Interview with
Thomas Dunstan, Director General

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Our industry remains a people business.

At the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority, we are real people and we treat our customers like real people too.


Thomas Dunstan

Director General

Thomas loves taking off on two wheels to navigate through the trails. As the Director General, he focuses on strategizing and planning the path ahead for the registry, it’s clients and his team.

“The BCAA team has a wealth of experience and credibility in the global aviation industry, with a strong reputation for high standards and safety regulation. Our focus is to put the customer at the centre of everything we do, and making processes easier and more efficient is one of our major priorities.”


Sonina Simmons-Williams

Licensing Officer

Sonina loves a good book. Having spent over 20 years in the BCAA Operations Department she knows pilot licensing and validations from beginning to end and uses a textbook approach for every task.

“First and foremost I love to make people happy. I will leave no page unturned to make sure that my clients get what they need when they need it.”


Lejoy Daniels

Airworthiness Administrative Officer

Get to know Lejoy. She’s built a great working relationship with Inspectors, Aircraft operators and maintenance organisations around the world. She is an organiser and facilitator.

“I recently moved from the Bermuda office to the new Farnborough office in the UK to assist a team of highly trained Airworthiness Inspectors. This is an exciting new venture and I really enjoy playing my part in building our business.”


Evandre Smith

Accounts Receivable Administrator

Evandre is a sharp team player and is always on the ball. With his all-round knowledge and personable approach, his goal is your satisfaction.

“I hope to be a future leader in Bermuda’s aviation industry because I genuinely love my country and would greatly embrace the opportunity to be a part of the team that keeps us as the number one off-shore aircraft registry.”


Christopher Lennon

Senior Airworthiness Inspector

Chris’ many years of aviation experience and expertise go far when getting your aircraft inspected and certified. If you need a fast turnaround, he can usually inspect and issue certificates on the same day.

“I’m delighted to return to the birthplace of British Aviation and also my roots, at Farnborough. I have direct responsibilities for several AMO and CAMO organisations along with a large number of aircraft, many of which are operating on an 83 bis agreement.”


Jason Zhang

Designated Airworthiness Inspector

Based in our Shanghai office, Jason can get your aircraft efficiently inspected and certified in the Asia-Pac region.

“It is an honour to be the Asia-Pac representative for the world’s leading offshore Aircraft Registry. The industry is expanding globally and one of the parts I enjoy the most about my role is the chance to travel to new parts of the world and meet new people.”

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